Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Quilt

A few months ago my friend Ken and his wife Karen asked me to design a wall hanging for their nieces wedding. Karen wanted their engagement picture in a large heart with pictures of each of them as a child below. She also wanted the quilt to have the teal color from the wedding, to incorporate some camo and nature for the groom and have have the wedding date on the quilt. So I went to work designing the quilt and let my imagination got to work. I like to try new ideas and really don't let anything stop me, the original quilters of long ago made beautiful quilts from basically nothing but scraps so with everything available to me now I can do about anything.

I found the quote "When two heart unite the road is short and the burden light" and knew I had to embroidery it in the quilt too because what could be a better quote for a wedding. Finding the perfect fabric was so much fun, I mean what better excuse to go to all my favorite shops looking for fabric! The flowers I think I changed a dozen times before I was happy with the arrangements and then quilted around the flowers with metallic thread. Probably the most difficult part was making sure the embroidered words were all centered which involved a lot of re-hooping and measuring and piecing, but I love the way it turned out. I wanted to make sure the quilting motifs fit the quilt so it is quilted with leaves, flowers, doves and of course hearts.

Ken and Karen loved the quilt and gave it to the happy couple before their wedding. Here is what Ken said about it.

"Kathy, Here are some photos of Ashley and Nathan with their quilt. We decided to give it to them the night before the wedding and it was hung up at the reception. It was quite the talk of the evening both nights and the bride and groom loved it. We received a lot of positive comments about the quality of work and the uniqueness of the project, everyone loved it.............Thanks for all the work and obvious love you put into the project..........."

I love giving somthing that makes people happy just as much as I love quilting and creating!

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