Friday, October 17, 2014

After 2 years I finally finished my son and daughter-in-laws quilt, they were patient with me but very glad it was finally finished.

I had everyone at their wedding and reception sign the fabric squares, then Katy picked the fabric and quilt block designs she liked.

I machine embroidered their names, wedding date and their chosen Bible verse in the center square.

Since there was some blank space in the blocks I filled in with either a machine embroidered design or an applique.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Been too long since I blogged!

Wow!  I can't believe it has been so long since I made an entry for my blog.  One problems is I am still trying to decide what camera to buy since I lost my old one and I still have an old phone that is not hooked to WiFi.  I know, I am a bit outdated but with the computer right on my dinning room table I just don't see the need for a new phone.   Anyway, I am still sewing up a storm and enjoying every minute of retirement.

Some of my time is spent visiting my daughter and son who both live in TN and this year I started my garden from seeds.  It was a learning process and I hope next year it will be even better since I had problems with getting the plants hardened off prior to planting.  The weather was not real cooperative added to the fact I should not have taken vacation in May right before time to plan.

I have been improving my knitting skills and and expanded my horizons to making doll sweaters, which are very tedious!  Not sure I will make any more of them, but the hats are quick and do turn out real cute.  I also have been knitting chemo caps with some ladies at our church so I am learning new stitches to use with the hats.