Monday, October 18, 2010

Unicorn Baby Quilt

I love being retired! Today I finished up one of my UFOs (Unfinished Objects). I put the border around this baby quilt and now its all ready for me to start quilting. Its partially recycled and partially new since I cut up a white sheet to use for the Unicorn squares, the blue fabric and purple fabric were from a yard sale find. The pretty flower fabric I bought for this quilt from my favorite fabric store. I love my embroidery machine as the unicorns took no time, I can't imagine how long it would have taken me if I had to do it by hand.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My diet

Ok, so here is a full view of me and as you can see I'm packing around a bit more weight than I should be. So on my recent visit to the doctor I found out I have high blood pressure, my choices are to either start taking medication or lose some weight. I opted to lose weight by trying the HCG diet which consists of hormone drops and a very very restricted calorie diet of 500 calories daily. This diet has worked for several friends and they have had great success keeping the weight off and the added benefit is you're not left with a lot of hanging skin which happens with the lap band and other weight loss programs. Soooo this is my second day on the diet and so far so good. My next visit to the doctor for my first weigh in will be October 22.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Quilt Show results

I think I'm still in shock with the results of the show. I can't believe my quilt received second place in machine quilted category and "Best of Show"! I could not wait to let Christopher, Terri, and Emily know that the quilt I made for them won. They were so excited and Emily even screamed when she found out. Christopher was very happy and since the quilt shows are over he can now have his quilt.

My other entry of "Quilts on the Line" received second place in the wall hanging category. I designed this quilt and even pieced together the little miniature quilts that hang on the line by the beads I used for the clothes pins.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wool Felted Teddy Bear

This little guy is my first creation using recycled wool and wool roving needle felting for his paw pads and face. I completely hand sewed him together, which naturally was a bit time consuming. I could do it much faster if I used the sewing machine, but I’ll have to decide which one looks better. I think he has such a cute folk art look that may change if I do one on the machine. I entered him in the county fair and received a red which was exciting and motivating as he is my first creation with this method.