Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Sink & Faucet!!!!!!

I finally have the new sink and faucet installed!! Ed was such a sweetheart and got it all done for me last night just in time for me to host my quilting mini group tomorrow. This has been about a month long ordeal with us having to use a broken faucet.

The last time I was in Springfield I found the faucet I wanted at very good price at the Habitat Resale Store. About a week later our old kitchen faucet broke, so Ed attempted to replace it, but the new faucet was missing a couple small parts and he couldn't get the old faucet off the old sink as it was a rusted mess. So... I called Moen and ordered the two parts for the new faucet then went to Lowes and bought a new stainless steal sink. They didn't have what I really wanted so I settled for something that would work. When we took it out of the box the sink was bent and it sounded like a tin can when you touched it. So, back to Lowes I we went and returned the the sink.

Ed talked to a friend of his who is a contractor so we looked up the sink I wanted and ordered it over the Internet, which we got considerably cheaper then buying it from Lowes or direct from Kohler. I also ordered two soap dispensers to match the faucet, one for dish soap and one for hand soap!! Awesome.

In the meantime the parts for the faucet arrived, but they were the wrong parts!! So I looked up the part numbers from the Moen web site and ordered them again. Yesterday everything arrived, my new sink and the correct parts. WooHoo!!! I love it. Of course now Katy can't accidentally shoot water at Jared and the stove since we're not using the broken hose from the old faucet anymore, but we had our memorable laugh over that one already.

Now I have a beautiful sink and faucet. I didn't care for the redneck broken faucet look, which I might add was better than washing the dishes in the bathtub!!

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