Sunday, August 21, 2011

Visit to Springfield, MO

I was in Springfield a couple weeks ago visiting one of my very best friends Kathy (Yes, we Kathy's stick together) We have both lost weight and are becoming very fashionable now in our mature age. Here we are sporting our new skorts and ready for a day of shopping at our favorite thrift stores. I am amazed at what I can find at the thrift shops and I love every minute of searching through all the stuff they have. I buy most of my clothes from the thrift shops now and I love it because I can have so many fun clothes and spend very little. I find all sorts of things to use as garden art and great books for my niece and nephew.

I am now starting on the fourth month of my weight maintenance and "WOOHOO" I have maintained my weight and not gained any of the 70 lbs back!!!! This is a mile stone for me because any other diet I've been on the weight has come right back on once I stopped the diet.

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