Wednesday, July 13, 2011

See my garden grow!!

What a beautiful morning, I just couldn't resist taking some pictures around my gardens. This picture is the trellis my husband built for me. I had trumpet vines and honeysuckle growing up a small dead tree so they ended up in a tangled heap when the tree went down. I love the new trellis much better than the old tree.

One of my little clumps of "hens & chickens" started forming a flower tower and it gets bigger by the day. I've never seen one do this before, so I guess I have it in just the right spot.

I bought this wild flower plant at the Farmer's Market last year. It only had one bloom last year, but this year "WOW" it's really taken off and has several blooms. I'm thinking its called Prairie Fire of something like that. Whatever it is I really like it.

I have one word for my vegetable garden "CUCUMBERS"!!!! I'm getting a ton of cucumbers, I think they're growing over night. I keep watching my cantaloupe and waiting for them to ripen, I love cantaloupe!! I have a few peppers, but they haven't turned red yet and I like the red ones better than the green peppers. I've gotten enough cherry tomatoes daily for a salad and I have lots of green tomatoes getting ready to ripen. For my first veggie garden in several years I quite happy with it, but next year it is definitely going to have to be bigger.

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