Monday, December 20, 2010

Doll Clothes

I bought this cute doll for my niece for Christmas, but the dress she came in was ugly and of course any little girl with a new doll just has to have some doll clothes. So I naturally had to make some and it was so much fun. It brought back memories of making my daughter clothes for her dolls plus I learned to sew by making doll clothes for my own dolls. I used to dig in my grandmother's scrap basket to find that special piece to make something for my dolls. Since it is so close to Christmas and I needed to get all the gifts wrapped I only had time to make one outfit, a nightgown and a winter cape. However, her birthday is in April so once I get back home from family holidays I plan to start making her some more clothes for her birthday. Hmmmm, maybe matching outfits for her doll and herself.

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  1. Hello Kathy, I saw your quilt, what a great iob!
    Merry 2011 Carla
    a caress to Ginger